your life, is a path,

if you value

“individuals and interactions”

more than
“processes and tools”


“responding to change”

more than
“following a plan”

you follow the path of courage and trust:

the agile path (latin: agilis iter)!

learn how you can use

transparency, inspection and adaptation

to unleash and focus the incredible power of

self-organised teams

Discover Agile development style and implement Scrum framework

download my standard course offer

of course, this is a standard offer course, but through some exploratory conversations new areas of interest may arise.
we can customise the learning experience to suit your needs.

Stefan Liute

Radu puts usable, actionable ideas on the table in a fetchng, no-bollocks manner that is relevant now more than ever. There’s no better combination than the value and fun he gave us.

Rudi Ovidiu

In 6 hours with Radu I was able to learn the Agile ideology and the Scrum methodology faster and accurate than I was able to learn alone in weeks. His experience and passion make a big difference.